CES Highlights from Microsoft Keynote

Steve comes on and goes on for a while.

Introduces Xbox guy..

  • controller free netflix with Kinect
  • controller free Zune
  • Controller free Hulu +
  • espn on xbox live w/ kinect and interactivity

Perky Windows Phone 7 lady

on to the good stuff Windows news..

He’s talking about how well Windows 7 did.

He’s passing on to a guy called Mike to show off some Windows 7 PC’s

Very cool dual Acer laptop…

Now for some Microsoft Surface action

Now he’s talking about “The Next Version of Windows

Boooo…. no app screens..just talking about platforms

A screen from the next version of Windows running on ARM

Demo of Iron Man2 running on the next version of Windows running flawlessly

Steve has wrapped up…

Free Windows 10 Training Videos

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