Check Out Microsoft’s New Website Where Employees Describe Their Life In Redmond

One thing Microsoft has been doing real well these past few years is getting close to users. Whether it is about getting in touch with end consumers via blogs, or by videos, Redmond is up for the game.

Another task Redmond is up for is to give users the chance to find out more about how some of its best workers work their magic for the company — Microsofties, or Microsoft employees, now have a brand new avenue to connect with users.

Microsoft has just launched a new website that goes by the name of People.

It gives employees a chance to describe their role at the company, along with career details and current and future projects, basically the whole story of how they got where they are now.

Andrew Kim is the first person to get his name published on this new website. Kim is the designer of Minimally Minimal and talks about how he decide to work at Redmond with the Xbox team. Next up is Brad Anderson, the corporate vice president of the company’s Cloud and Enterprise unit.

This is a pretty insightful resource, particularly for fans and people that are starting their career out and plan on joining Microsoft in the future. Not to mention a delightful read.

Just don’t go looking for Steve Ballmer here on this new website — he is not there. Yet.

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