Check Out This Early Microsoft Surface Book Prototype

Despite its somewhat unconventional design, the Surface Book has become one of the most successful products Microsoft has released. Users have really taken to the 2-in-1 approach.

And although we have not heard much in terms of how this product was developed from Microsoft, a company employee has decided to provide us a glimpse into the past. Ralf Groene has shared an image of an early prototype of the device.

This photo posted on Instagram offers a closer look at how the software giant ended up creating the mechanism that allowed the machine to fold like a laptop yet enabled the removal of the screen.

Take a look:

Surface Book Prototype

Microsoft even tested the mechanism using a 9-volt battery!

Amazing to think how much the product evolved to become the Surface Book we know and love, which remains one of the most advanced Windows 10 powered device on the market. Both in terms of hardware prowess and functionality.

Of course, Redmond is expected to continue with this approach and innovate when it comes to design.

The company is believed to be working on a new generation of the Surface Book, which according to the rumor mill will go live as soon as this year. The 3rd generation model could be unveiled this fall, if we go by the typical Microsoft release cycle.

One can just hope that the technology giant not only upgrades the internal hardware, but also improve upon the design and form factor of this innovative machine.

The current 2nd generation device only brought along minor upgrades to the circuitry, but a facelift to the overall design would continue the innovation that the original Surface Book unleashed upon release on that fine October day in 2015.

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