Check Out This Windows Longhorn Prototype Video

It has everything! Live tiles, notifications, an action center, and even a mobile version. This Windows Longhorn blast from the past has early concepts of all these features that are now available.

In newer versions of the OS, including Windows 10.

The first thing you will notice when comparing old school and modern versions of Windows is that things have evolved in a much more novel fashion. Yet, some parts stayed the same, as this video of a prototype version that Microsoft was working on so aptly shows.

This clip has been recently published by Stephen Chapman on YouTube, and reveals what Longhorn was supposed to be back in the days while it was being developed behind Redmond walls.

Of course, it made its way out as Windows Vista, with many finding it a little clunky yet truly innovative release that built upon the success of Windows XP in good fashion.

Check out the video first:

Those were the days!

Demoed are live desktop tiles with notifications, which was a feature that Microsoft evolved as desktop gadgets in Windows 7 before ultimately retiring it altogether. Live tiles remain one of the most requested of options in Windows 10 but it does not seem like Redmond is interested in that direction.

You can also see what can be termed as the first version of Action Center as the huge sidebar on the right of the screen that provides users with easy access to their essential apps and files.

And, obviously, this was the time when Microsoft was committed to phones, and it comes as no surprise that the company worked on Windows Longhorn Mobile.

Now, many of these features and options never quite made the cut in the final release, but they do serve as a nice little trip down the memory lane.

Particularly, as we approach the final sunset of the year 2018.

Thoughts please?

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