Cherry Blossom Pink Is The Name Of Next Lumia Update, Report

believed that this was the name of the next update from Nokia for its Lumia smartphones — the one that was built around the Windows Phone 8.1 mobile operating system. And today, another report has surfaced with a new name for this upcoming update. It may sound overly dramatic, and completely out of the ordinary, but Lumia Cherry Blossom Pink is now said to be the name of the next major update for Lumia smartphones. It is quite unusual for an update to be released under two different names, though. This means that one of these two reports is wrong. Which one? Hard to say. However, a few screenshots taken from the Nokia Lumia 630 that is expected to go on sale in April show that this next update will be called Lumia Cherry Blossom Pink. Another theory could be that the Russian video mentioned the Blue update (as in Windows Phone Blue) and just lumped it together as Lumia Blue. Either way, nothing is officially confirmed as of right now. And even though new smartphones powered by this new firmware are expected to hit store shelves sometimes next month, the update itself is not going to be out rolled out to compatible devices at least until the middle of the summer.]]>

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