China To Switch 15% Of Government PCs To Linux Every Year

heard, not just Microsoft software, but all products carrying the Microsoft seal, including smartphones and probably even services like Skype and OneDrive. Sure, it’s all limited to government computers for now, but we know how these things go. Anyway, local authorities have now carved out a plan to move some 15% of government PCs to Linux, or their own implementation of it, so to say. Chinese media reveals that the plan proposed by Ni Guangnan, a researcher from the Chinese Academy of Engineering (who has close ties to the government, actually) has been approved, and the country is now well on its quest to move to Linux. The country is currently developing a powerful and more secure alternative operating system, which is created by domestic companies, and is set for completely by 2020. Interestingly, the government has already ordered some organizations to move away from Windows. The China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC), for example, has already informed banks to start planning their switch to locally developed solutions. No statement from Microsoft on this, but this move is sure to obstruct (or slow down) whatever big plans Microsoft had for the country. And really, Microsoft had some big plans.]]>

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