China Prepares To Take Windows Down, Set To Release A National Ubuntu OS

March 22, 2013

Got to hand it to the Chinese when it comes to getting things done! Latest reports suggest that Microsoft is set to face some intense competition in the world’s most populous country soon.

Windows is the most popular operating system in China, but the local government there has signed a deal with Canonical (the Ubuntu maker) for the creation of a national operating system. Mind-blowing isn’t it?

As far as statistics go, Microsoft’s OS is actually installed on at least 92 percent of the computers that are connected to the Internet in China — Linux barely registers at 1.2 percent.

But if things go according to plan, all this is set to go topsy-turvy soon.

The new OS is called Ubuntu Kylin and is being prepared for a release sometimes next month. Keeping in mind the fact that it is will be free and backed by the government, a lot of companies and businesses in China will have no other option than to deploy it whether they like it or not.

Needless to say, Microsoft may soon have to rethink its strategy in China.

The company is not only struggling with high piracy rates in the country, but a government backed rival could complicate things further.

One of the obvious reasons for the development of Ubuntu Kylin is that the Chines government is looking to have more control over user’s computers. In a way, Windows could find itself as serving a restriction free operating system.

How this developers in both the near and distant future could have lasting repercussions.

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