Chinese Authorities Defend Microsoft Investigation

forced to admit guilt and plead without a lawyer in order to defend their rights. On top of that, Microsoft was given mere 20 days to disclose all compatibility issues in Windows and Office, and the deadline is fast approaching its end. Chinese authorities, however, have now come forth and are claiming that all these reports are as fake as they get. In fact, each and every investigation complies with local legislation. In the words of Xu Kunlin, director general of the National Development and Reform Commission’s (NDRC) Price Supervision and Inspection and Anti-Monopoly Bureau:

“Our anti-trust enforcement work is strictly conducted according to regulations. It is fair and transparent. It is not targeting any market player, and of course, it is not targeting any foreign invested or foreign enterprises.”
Obviously, it’s their word against, well the reports, so you are free to believe whichever opinion you fancy. However, with the way things are moving, we can expect a decision soon, one way or another. Microsoft might get away free, or might have to pay a fine of some sorts. We’ll find out in the coming weeks, surely. Or months. Fingers crossed, sense prevails.]]>

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