The Chinese Government orders the replacement of all Windows PC’s by 2022

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According to a new report from AFR, the Chinese Communist Party Central Office has ordered all government services to replace all computers running non-Chinese software and operating systems within the next 3 years.

This move comes as a somewhat direct response to increasing pressure by USA on Chinese technology companies like Huawei which restricted their access to Western software, operating systems and markets.

It’s also in response to pressure by the US government on US and European networking companies not to use Chinese technology, such as Huawei’s 5G base stations.

The Chinese government services have been ordered to replace 30 per cent of their devices in 2020, 50 per cent in 2021, and 20 per cent in 2022.

Analysts company China Securities, estimate around 20 million to 30 million pieces of hardware will need to be replaced to ensure only “secure and controllable” technology is used as directed by China’s 2017 Cyber Security Law.

Private Chinese companies, which form the bulk of Microsoft’s Chinese revenue, are not affected, but this could easily change.

China has previously touted Linux as a replacement, and Microsoft even offered “Chinese Government Edition” of Windows 10 in 2017, but this will no longer be considered sufficient.

This is a serious development in the trade wars between the US and China.

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