Chinese Hardware Makers Stepping In To Help Windows 8 Take Off

The initial lukewarm response to Windows 8 has led to Microsoft changing its strategy for the platform on more than one occasion. It seems that another change is in the order.

While some users have lambasted the lack of a Start button (along with new UI changes) as one of the big reason for not upgrading to the platform, analysts, however, have also suggested that the final price of the devices running the new OS have also played a role in its slow uptake.

And this is something Microsoft is now poised to tackle head on.

While Redmond has already outlined a discount plan for its partners to help them bring cheaper Windows-powered devices in the market, the technology titan is also looking at bringing a bunch of Chinese vendors into the fray.

Local Chinese manufacturers are famed for their cost-effective and affordable products.

A story over at DigiTimes reveals that Chinese companies are ready to join the Windows 8 party with their own Windows-based products. Industry sources are hopeful that this new strategy will give Microsoft’s new operating system a major boost when it comes to adoption.

This may quite well be a necessary strategy for Redmond, as it aims to bring its new platform to as many users as possible. And it would finally give it an opportunity to compete with Android on this front.

But one thing Microsoft would definitely need to keep an eye on is the overall quality of the various Chinese devices that make their way to the market.

Price is an important consideration — but rarely more important than quality.

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