Chinese Hardware Vendors Aiming For $300 Windows Tablets

Hand it to the Chinese companies to tinker and trifle with components to create some of the most affordable hardware devices known to mankind. And this trend looks set to continue with Windows 8.

The Surface Pro, for example, is one of the more expensive Windows 8 tablets on the market.

And many in the industry have lambasted the high prices of computers powered by Microsoft’s operating system, leading Redmond to work with partners to chalk out a discount plan for hardware devices.

A new report last week speculated that several Chinese hardware makers were ready to jump in the Windows 8 party and bring to market some very affordable units — very affordable units, in this case being tablets that cost around $300.

And now it appears that we have a bit of an update on this situation.

The folks over at DigiTimes seem to have the lowdown on this, saying Microsoft is trying to make Windows 8 devices as affordable as it can to take the fight to Google and Apple, and their two leading tablet platforms, namely  Android and iOS, respectively.

Chinese companies are more than welcome by Microsoft to offer their solutions.

The only caveat is that the $300 target price tag does not include Windows 8 licensing fees and other related patents. This ultimately means that the ball is in Redmond’s court squarely — it is up to the software titan to decide whether it wants these cheap and affordable devices to remain so or not.

What is in store for these low-cost Windows 8 tablets remains to be seen, but at this point in time, there is a fair chance that Microsoft is considering all available options that lead to an increased acceptance of the new platform.

The company can ill-afford a proliferation of cheap Android devices taking market share away.

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