Chinese Users Simply Love Internet Explorer 6

April 9, 2013

More news from China, it seems. If you have been wondering why Internet Explorer 6 is still one of the most popular browsers in the world, well you can thank the Chinese users — they are simply addicted to the vintage software.

And even though Microsoft continues its efforts to upgrade users to newer versions of its browser, the people in China are just not budging. For them IE6 remains the best choice when it comes to surfing the Internet with ease.

So significant is the number that Microsoft has put up an Internet Explorer 6 countdown map. A quick glance at it shows that 25.8 percent of the users living in China are still running IE6.

Most of the other countries have already made the switch to a newer version.

Most have already abandoned the old web browser, and statistics show numbers amounting to less than 1 percent, with only a select few going above the mark. Turkey, for example, has 0.4 percent share, 0.3 percent in Canada, 0.6 percent in the United Kingdom, while the United States shows a 0.2 figure.

Keeping this into consideration a 25.8 percent share is as mindboggling as it is mind blowing.

Anyway, Microsoft’s main goal with this new website is obviously to bring the IE6 market share down the 1 percent overall mark, thereby allowing “more websites to drop support for this version, saving hours of work for web developers”, as it put it.

Oh and, saving hours of work for its in house teams to provide support for the aging browser, as well, but hey that much is obvious.

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