Chuwi Lapbook Air Incoming

Chuwi is no stranger to taking, what you might call inspiration, from other hardware makers in designing their creations. In fact, a case could be made of the Chinese company being the most prolific around.

When it comes to hardware launches round the year.

It already cloned a number of popular products around — including the Surface Pro 4 with the SurBook that looked almost exactly like the Microsoft tablet, but was made available for the sweet, sweet price of $299 this May.

Now, it appears that Chuwi has set their sights on Apple, and is gearing up to introduce the Lapbook Air.

The company states that this is the most svelte laptop that they have produced, and it’s easy to see how. The Lapbook Air measures in at just 6mm at its thinnest point, and offers a 14.1-inch display, along with two USB 3.0 ports, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

As you can see from the images, it copies the MacBook Air to a tee, and the styling even includes an illuminated rear logo.

Chuwi is yet to release the full specifications and pricing details, but they did say that that the metal construction will come in at a weight of just 1.3kg, or 2.86 ponds, if you will. Backlit keyboard comes standard.

Definitely worthy of the Air branding, this.

We are sure to hear more about this exciting little laptop once it nears it launch, which should be soon now. And while you will not be able to secure it from your local retailer, there is no shortage of websites that import and sell devices like these directly from China.

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