Cisco Integrates Its IoT Services With Microsoft

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Microsoft and Cisco have partnered up on IoT device connectivity solutions, with the two technology giants having announced the seamless integration of their Internet of Things and cloud products.

Thereby enabling more edge computing scenarios.

This announcement made on Tuesday reveals that this integration will be beneficial for IT and operations personnel, who are trying to set up various edge computing activities. This interoperability will pave the path for easier cloud and device networking.

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Tony Shakib, an IoT business acceleration leader for Microsoft Azure:

“By enabling Azure IoT with Cisco IoT network devices infrastructure, IT, and operations teams can quickly take advantage of a wide variety of hardware and easily scalable telemetry collection from connected assets, to kickstart their Azure IoT application development.

Our customers can now augment their existing Cisco networks with Azure IoT ready gateways across multiple industries and use cases, without compromising the ability to implement data control and security that both Microsoft and Cisco are known for.”

The two companies are no stranger to a collaboration of this level.

Back in January, Cisco detailed how its Edge Intelligence software was able to connect with the Microsoft cloud platform, via services like Azure IoT Hub and Azure IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service in order to facilitate data sharing.

Developers can now look forward to zero-touch provisioning for IoT devices, whereby they are able to validate devices, register them with the hub, and add 256-bit AES encryption for data at rest.

Cisco IoT Gateways are also now pre-integrated to work with Azure cloud-based solutions.

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