City Of San Jose Already Planning To Move To Windows 8.1

Microsoft has, in the recent past, made sustained efforts to promote its platform to businesses, enterprises and organizations, and the results are certainly starting to show.

The city of San Jose is the latest of the big names that are planning to embrace the latest products and services from Microsoft. The city council recently decided in favor of Microsoft’s Office 365 over Google applications, but the local authorities have even better news for the Redmond based technology titan.

It seems that San Jose could soon make the transition to Windows 8.1 — from Windows XP.

The city is now said to be considering its options as it prepares to make a move from the old operating system, and the upcoming Windows 8.1 is firmly and squarely in its radar.

San Jose’s chief information officer Vijay Sammeta was quoted as saying:

“I think 8.1 will provide a good transition from XP. We have a lot of older equipment. We’re trying to maximize the investment we already have out in the field.”

Good? It will provide a great transition from Windows XP!

Windows 8.1 is already available for testing in the form of a public preview version. And there are rumors that the operating system has gone gold earlier today — that is, Microsoft has just signed off the final RTM build of Windows 8.1 and it will be in the hands of OEMs on August 16.

And with the retirement date of Windows XP support fast approaching next year, the release of the operating system provides a perfect opportunity for organizations to make upgrade plans.

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