Cloud Customers Are Pairing Azure With AWS

Azure vs AWS

Does this come as surprise? There’s a solid chance that multi-cloud may eclipse hybrid cloud deployments, with a report that Azure and AWS both are being paired up by enterprise customers.

The two platform may be aggressive cloud rivals, but that’s not deterring cloud users from choosing and using them both.

At the same time.

This has been revealed by Kentik, who conducted a survey of 310 technical and business executives this past November at the Amazon Web Services re:Invent event. Took them a while to tally the results, but the numbers paint quite an interesting picture.

As noted, multi-cloud deployments are happening at a quick pace these days. The results show that they are at par or even exceed hybrid cloud rollouts among the respondents.

AWS and Azure are the most common cloud combinations, but Google Cloud Platform is in the mix, too.

Kentik Report

Kentik Report

Kentik Report

In terms of numbers, we have 97% of those surveyed saying that their companies use AWS, but 35% said that they actively use Azure as well. 24% use AWS and Google Cloud Platform together for their cloud needs.

Unsurprisingly, the biggest challenge for these companies is managing their cloud costs. To make matters worse, some still track AWS costs using spreadsheets, no less than 10% of them.

No wonder 30% of the respondents cite cost management as the biggest cloud challenge.

Much to ponder here.

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