Cloud Spending Reached $30.2 Billion In Q4

Cloud Infrastructure

A Canalys report is here with these sky high numbers that show just how lucrative the cloud infrastructure market has become.

The analyst firm said that cloud spending topped $30.2 billion in Q4, with Amazon and Azure both battling hard for market share in this highly dynamic sector.

And although the overall numbers are hard to parse because most companies often lump cloud revenue into a single number, what makes these Canalys statistics impressive is that it attempts to measure the pure infrastructure results.

Instead of, you know, lumping both infrastructure and software together in one table.

Speaking of tables, here you go with one:

Canalys Cloud Analysis January 2020

So, let’s break down the estimates.

Microsoft, for example, reported $12.5 billon in total combined cloud revenue for the quarter, but Canalys believes that just $5.3 billion came from the Azure infrastructure. Which is still impressive for a company taking the fight to the cloud leader.

Amazon, meanwhile, came in with the purest numbers, with $9.8 billion out of a reported $9.95 billion attributed to its infrastructure business.

But the thing is, despite the fact that Microsoft reported bigger overall cloud earnings and a higher growth rate, Amazon enjoys just less than double the market share of the Redmond based company when it comes to IaaS spend.

Still, Microsoft is coming in hot, garnering 17.6% of the total revenue for this period, up from the $14.5% it managed in the same quarter a year ago. And Amazon lost a bit of ground too, dropping from $33.4% in Q4 2018 to 32.4% in the most recent quarter.

And it has all got to do with the fact that Azure is growing at close to twice the rate of AWS.

62.3% versus 33.2%.

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