Cloud Syncing Comes To Outlook For Windows

Outlook Cloud Sync

Microsoft has lined up a bunch of exciting updates for Outlook for Windows, including a cloud sync option that will let the client store some settings in the cloud for easier access.

This, in addition to the syncing of Outlook signatures to the cloud, which was on track for release this month. That feature has been delayed to the end of July for the Microsoft 365 Monthly Channel, and everyone else should get it in late August.

Getting back to this feature, though, the company detailed it in an update posted in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

And it brings the possibility for you to configure your Outlook settings, save them in your cloud profile, and get it synced to the other Windows devices connected with the same account.

A range of settings will benefit from cloud syncing, including Calendar, Ease of Access, General, Groups, Mail, People, Search, and Tasks.

The rollout has begun with the Microsoft 365 Monthly Channel, and the feature is set to go live for all Windows desktop clients in late June. It will be enabled by default for everyone, while IT admins can also disable it manually via roaming settings in the Outlook group policy template.

To enable it on your machine, go to File > Options > and then General under Outlook Options.

Here you will need to check Store my Outlook settings in the cloud, and hit the OK button to get started with the cloud sync feature.

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