Clutter Coming To Office 365 By Default Starting June

Clutter is coming to improve your inbox experience in Office 365. Microsoft launched their new tool towards the end of last year in order to streamline the email experience on its platform.

This new addition made it easier to focus on the email messages that matter the most, while moving the less important ones into a separate folder — quite similar to how other de-cluttering tools work on competing email service providers like Gmail and Yahoo.

Clutter Office 365

Machine learning at its finest.

And now after having sorted over one million emails, and saving users an average of 82 minutes a day, Microsoft is enabling the feature by default.

This post on the Office Blog explains what the deal is:

“The existing inbox notifications are being replaced with alerts and summary notifications sent when Clutter is at work. The alerts are sent when new types of emails are moved to Clutter for the first time, you will receive a maximum of one alert per day. The summary notification is sent once per week making it easy to know what Clutter is doing for you.”

So basically, starting in June there will be no need to manually activate the feature.

The rollout will be initiated in two waves — the first one on June 1, and the second and final one a fortnight later on June 15.

Of course, if you’re an Office 365 user and would rather prefer your email not to be tinkered with this way, then you can simply disable the feature. System administrators also have access to a few PowerShell cmdlets for management and control purposes.

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