Collections on Edge are stuck in sync

July 26, 2022

Collections is one of the many unique features that Microsoft Edge has to offer. It lets you organize your ideas while you are browsing, and is touted as one of the best capabilities of the web browser.

At least, when it is working.

Microsoft has confirmed — through a post on Reddit of all things — that there are reports of users encountering some challenges while at it. Technical errors with the Collections feature on the Edge browser are preventing them from viewing their saved images and videos on other devices.

In fact, some folks have lodged complaints that they are unable to enable or disable the feature in their profile settings altogether. And in certain cases, even their changes are not appearing on their other devices.

Signal that something sinister is at play here.

But on the bright side, Microsoft has indicated that they are aware of the issue, and the Edge development team is currently working on a way to resolve it. Bug fixes are coming soon, likely with the next version of the browser that should be here early next month as Edge 104 for desktop.

According to the Edge Community Manager, Redmond will also fix the broken Collection sync button in the next Android release.

Aside from quashing bugs like these, the Edge team is also busy adding new features to Collections. This feature recently picked up several new productivity focused capabilities like collaborative editing, support for images and videos, as well as a feed with recommended content.

Or ads, depending on who you ask!

Here’s hoping that Microsoft nails this one, as well.

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