Comparing the Features of Windows 8 and Apple's iOS 5

truly be the judge. Appearance The general appearance of Windows 8 is very attractive. It is made up of colorful boxes and rectangles that display real-time information and news and photos. Users can pick and choose what they would like to be displayed on the icons such as recent documents, text, photos and other content. This makes it much easier for users to access their most recent data or the software that they use the most. In regards to Apple’s iOS 5 appearance, it is back to the 4×4 display and customizable background, and folders. With this version it is really dependent on the user and how they would like it to look like. The basis verdict is that Apple’s appearance is very simple, yet attractive, whereas Windows is stylish in its presentation and much easier to read. Individuals who have tested both Apple’s iOS 5 and Windows 8 have given Windows an extra nod, voting in its favor. Interface Those who were treated at the Microsoft Build Conference to try Windows 8 have described the new operating system as “metro-stylish.” This new term is used to describe its live tile interface, displaying information from the user’s favorite social network, recent documents and so on. Not only that, users can sort through their documents directly from the live tile interface, making it much more convenient than other Windows Operating Systems in the past, including Windows 7. Apple’s iOS 5 interface is similar to the operating systems of the past, allowing users to keep their favorite apps in folders and customize the appearance of their screen. All computer notifications that pop up at random will appear at the top of the screen, which minimizes any interruptions. These notifications can be visited whenever it is convenient for the user. The searching aspect of Apple’s iOS 5 remains the same as previous versions. Users who have tested both interfaces have found that while Windows 8 provides an attractive slick interface, Apple’s iOS 5 keeps folders and files better organized, making them easier to find and access. Architecture Windows 8 is running on a new SoC [systems on a chip] processor  made from ARM holdings, instead of using Intel [as Microsoft has in previous systems]. This processor is much more energy-efficient, which is ideal for “Green” individuals. All Apple platforms including the iPad 2, and the forthcoming iPhone 5 will also be running on Soc processors called the Apple A5. Apple A5 has a CPU twice the power as Apple A4, and a graphics processor twice the speed of its predecessor. The speed of both Apple and Windows 8 is quite comparable, but the downfall of Windows 8 [which puts Apple ahead] is that it will not be able to run apps for Windows 7 x86 computers. This means that it is not cross-platform compatible. All in all, there are positives and negatives about Windows 8 and Apple’s iOS 5. It will be up to the individual user to decide which operating system will work for them.]]>

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