Confusion about Windows Phone 8 upgrade path

confusion regarding the upgrade path to Windows 8 from XP and Vista, yesterday I came across this from theVerge. Basically, there is not a clear answer about whether users who are using Windows Phone today (like the new Nokia Lumia 900) will be able to upgrade to the next version of Windows Phone – Windows Phone 8 (codename Apollo). Here’s the quote:

Earlier today, a developer evangelist for Microsoft was quoted as saying that all Windows Phone devices would get an upgrade to the “next major version” of the operating system. Now, a trusted source close to Microsoft tells us that is absolutely not the case, that instead there will be no upgrade path from Mango to Apollo.
Now, I have to say that I pray that this is not true. First, I would be pissed off as all heck if I just bought a Lumia that was going to be obsolete when Windows Phone 8 came out later this year (or early next year). Second, it would say a lot about the level of thought and vision that has been given to the Windows Phone strategy at Redmond. Basically, it would be shooting themselves in the foot with a bazooka right as the iPhone 5 launched in (rumor) September. What do y’all think? Will current Windows Phones support Windows Phone 8? Will you buy a Windows Phone?]]>

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