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Confusion about Windows Phone 8 upgrade path

confusion regarding the upgrade path to Windows 8 from XP and Vista, yesterday I came across this from theVerge. Basically, there is not a clear answer about whether users who are using Windows Phone today (like the new Nokia Lumia 900) will be able to upgrade to the next version of Windows Phone – Windows Phone 8 (codename Apollo). Here’s the quote:

Earlier today, a developer evangelist for Microsoft was quoted as saying that all Windows Phone devices would get an upgrade to the “next major version” of the operating system. Now, a trusted source close to Microsoft tells us that is absolutely not the case, that instead there will be no upgrade path from Mango to Apollo.
Now, I have to say that I pray that this is not true. First, I would be pissed off as all heck if I just bought a Lumia that was going to be obsolete when Windows Phone 8 came out later this year (or early next year). Second, it would say a lot about the level of thought and vision that has been given to the Windows Phone strategy at Redmond. Basically, it would be shooting themselves in the foot with a bazooka right as the iPhone 5 launched in (rumor) September. What do y’all think? Will current Windows Phones support Windows Phone 8? Will you buy a Windows Phone?]]>

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    • If you’re not in a hurry just wait until October.  You may not get a 900 for free but you may get a good deal on its successor.
      If nothing else it will be clear by then whether the upgrade path requires new hardware.

  1. Yes and yes.
    I would buy the Lumia 900 – when it gets to Australia! And yes, I reckon there will be an upgrade path.

  2. I don’t really care. I love my Lumia 900 and the Mango OS. I’m sure I will be happy living with it for the next 12 – 18 months whether there is an OS upgrade or not.

  3. wel as far it goes we should be offered thew upgrade path free and then we can decide ourselves same as when they offered the upgarde free from office 7 to office 10

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