Has Confusion Over Windows 8 Put Down The PC Industry? One Analyst Thinks So

post he cites the increased complexity of Windows 8 as causing a fair bit of problems for users that wanted to purchase new computers. However, the operating system was nicely designed, according to the analyst, in the sense that it tried to tackle the mobile assault from tablets by making touch and apps a central focus. But ultimately, things did not go as planned, and Windows 8 adoption remained low this past year or so:

“The exact opposite happened. Instead of alleviating the problems facing PCs – no reason to buy – Windows 8′s increased complexity added a reason not to buy.”
While things may yet sort themselves out for the Windows platform, it is becoming increasingly likely that the PC hardware market as we know it will not bounce back. Unless something truly magical happens and consumer interest in PCs is rekindled, of course. This past year the market decline by around 10 percent, and if this keeps up, many foresee some rather drastic changes in the PC ecosystem with companies (particularly small ones) merging together or closing shop altogether. For Microsoft it may yet mean some radical shifts in strategy and focus in the near future.]]>

Written by Hamid Khan


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