Core M Broadwell CPUs Launching This Holiday, Intel Confirms

confirmed this, sharing a few pointers about the upcoming Core M line of processors, which are pegged for arrival around the November to December timeframe. It is a giant leap from the 22 nanometers technology to 14 nanometers — which, some say, is rather overdue, since 22nm was first utilized back in 2011. Regardless, this new fabrication process will allow the company to pack in more transistors in a denser package, delivering increased performance with the associated side effects of more heat and greater power requirements. In fact, the 14nm process promises more than two times the reduction in thermal design point compared to the previous generation processors. And this should also allow Intel to unleash a new wave of Windows powered devices, tablets, hybrids, and more based on these Core M Broadwell chipsets. Exciting times, straight ahead.]]>

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