Cortado Refines Printing For Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services

While Microsoft has made substantial improvements to Remote Desktop Services (RDS) in Windows Server 2012, printing still remains somewhat suboptimal.

The new improvements allow business and enterprise users that are working at home or office workstations easy integration into the corporate network, but accessing applications is much more efficient than comfortable printing.

Cortado is a leading provider of cloud desktop services just announced a new version of its print solution for remote desktop services, called ThinPrint RDP Engine 9.0.

Charlotte Künzell, the CIO of Cortado, said in a prepared statement:

“For IT departments who are looking to introduce RDS, it is strongly suggested to consider Windows Server 2012. But when it comes to printing, IT will soon see the flip side of the coin. The ThinPrint RDP Engine 9.0 overcomes the challenges of remote desktop printing, ensuring low administration overhead, reduced costs and optimized work and print results.”

The latest revision comes certified for Windows Server 2012 and provides finishing options for all major printer models — from hole punching, stapling, binding and printing of multiple pages on one sheet.

Enhancements like adaptive compression of print files also make the cut, allowing for a low network load along with fast transmission of application data, while maintaining high-performance printing results.

The company claims to extensively test finishing options of printer drivers not just for Windows Server 2012, but Windows 8 as well to make sure both platforms can support them.

A free demo version of the ThinPrint RDP Engine 9.0 can be downloaded at the official website.

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