Cortana Canada Launch Set For This Month, Alongside Lumia 830

update. Last we heard about this was that Microsoft had set the release date for the Canadian flavor of Cortana this summer. We are but a few weeks off the mark, but that’s totally understandable. And although Canadians have access to the voice assistant via the developer preview version of Windows Phone, it is clear that not everyone wants to install this test build of the mobile OS. Now, however, the personal digital assistant service will be accessible to all. Obviously, people that do not buy the Lumia 830 will have to wait to get access to the Canadian version of Cortana, until Microsoft begins the rollout of Lumia Denim. This affordable flagship, as the company bills it, does come with this version already installed. Expectedly, the software titan has announced that this is just an early build of Cortana, which still has a lot to learn about the region — another way to say that not everything might go smoothly from the start. But give it a few months, and the Canadian variant of Cortana should be completely optimized. The digital voice assistant is currently available in only a select few markets, including home turf United States. Users in UK also have access to Cortana. While it is also slowly making its way to Australia, China, India (and now) Canada.]]>

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