Cortana Chief Javier Soltero Leaving Microsoft

November 7, 2018
Javier Soltero

Well, we now know the next VP that will depart Microsoft. Javier Soltero, the current head of Cortana, is reportedly all set to part ways with the company and will leave sometimes this year.

His departure is part of an ongoing shakeup at the Redmond based technology giant that has seen executives like Terry Myerson bid goodbye after 20 years at the company.

Soltero joined Microsoft at the end of 2014 when the software titan bought out Acompli, the mobile email startup he cofounded. He soon transitioned to become the head of Outlook Mobile and eventually took charge of the entire Outlook division.

He later joined the Office team, and led the redesign of the Office mobile app.

Ultimately heading up Cortana in March 2018.

It certainly looks now that Microsoft is demoting Cortana within its AI unit.

Microsoft is in the midst of transitioning Cortana from a traditional digital assistant managed by the company’s AI + Research Group into more of a digital aide run by the Experiences and Devices group at Redmond.

According to reports, Soltero was only beginning to roll out a vision for the digital voice assistant to go beyond Windows 10 PCs and find space in devices like smart speakers, even cars.

Soltero confirmed the departure personally, thanking the company for his time at Redmond. He is said to be heading back into the entrepreneurial space. However, it remains unclear what his concrete plans are once he leaves Microsoft.

By the same token, the future of Cortana is also cloudy now, as voice services like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant have leapt far ahead of her in terms of product sophistication.

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