Cortana For Windows Officially Confirmed

said on the matter:

“4. After we execute on #1 – #3, we have started to THINK about #Cortana on #Windows so more #Microsoft customers experience her.”
And followed it up with another tweet, saying:
“5. In a future state, the best experience will still be for #Microsoft customers that own all #Windows devices. Best work is on our devices.”
So basically, the idea is to provide a fully featured experience on Windows Phone, first and foremost. This is clearly the top priority for now. Once this goal is achieved, however, the company will start focusing on other projects for Cortana, including porting the service to Windows 8.1. In case this takes time, and development requires more effort, then the digital assistance might debut with Windows 9. And judging by how thing are going, chances are that the next full version of the operating system will be the one that arrives with Cortana built in.]]>

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