Cortana To Be Split From Windows Search

Oh, Cortana! Looks like Windows 10 19H1 will come with a major change on the desktop, where the voice assistant will no longer be part of the search experience.

To the delight of many, to the dismay of many.

The next major version of the operating system is to come with many notable changes, one of which is right on the desktop. As recently revealed, the OS is set to separate Cortana from Windows Search so that instead of having just one icon that provides access, there will be two different icons.

On the Taskbar, that is.

Cortana will eventually be moved from the usual flyout into something that Microsoft wants to call the Conversation Canvas, in order to provide a more assistant like experience.

And one that has little to no content obstruction.

The images below paint the picture:

With the digital assistant available on its very own window, the search feature will operate independently. Invoking Cortana, without a voice command that is to say, will only be possible by clicking its dedicated icon.

This is a big change, but has not yet appeared in the existing Windows 10 preview builds.

Meaning, it is yet to go live for Insiders, but will soon.

As for the strategy behind this, Microsoft it seems want to provide users with more control over their desktop. Offering a more straightforward method of accessing the digital assistant is one way to go about it, with the added benefit being delivering updates to Windows Search more easily.

No official word yet on this from Redmond, so take this with the usual helping of salt.

But those that were annoyed with the Cortana and Windows Search integration in the Taskbar will find this a very welcome change.

What are your thoughts on this, if any? Comment.

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