Cortana Wake Word Reenabled In Windows 10

August 24, 2020
Using Cortana

How about that? Microsoft is no longer as committed to Cortana as it was a few years back, with the company taking a step back from the consumer features of its digital assistant.

However, that does not mean that the company wants to get rid of her completely.

Redmond continues to refine Cortana every now and then, adding in new features or optimizing current ones. This time around, the software titan has reenabled an option that was previously available in the virtual assistant.

Wake word.

This is something that lets users launch the assistant and then perform certain functions without touching their device. It was part of the original release, but then disabled in Windows 10 for some odd reason.

But now, Microsoft has enabled it once again, for both version 2004 of the OS and older releases.

As explained:

“The wake word has been re-enabled in the latest version of Cortana in Windows. If you’re on Windows 10, May 2020 Update, be sure that you’ve updated to build 19041.329 or later to use the wake word with Cortana. For earlier builds, you can still click on the microphone button to use your voice with Cortana. In Windows 10, November 2019 Update and earlier versions, you can activate ‘Cortana’ mode by opening Cortana, selecting Settings then Talk to Cortana. Under Hey Cortana switch the toggle to on.”

A small, yet helpful, addition.

That said, there is no denying that Redmond has made Cortana a second-class citizen in Windows 10. She is still around, but with primarily a focus on enterprise now.

You can still use Cortana to launch apps with simple commands, or fire up settings. But it is clear that the old days are now gone, days where Microsoft rolled out new features for its digital assistant left and right through the year.

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