Could Google Eventually Become A Direct Threat To Microsoft Windows?

everyone saw this coming a decade or so ago. I’m sure Google did though. Google built itself on policies that sought to target out companies like Microsoft, with a more open model and yet in many ways they’ve become the giant they wished to bring down. What I’m curious about is whether or not Google will keep this moment going, and what the company might look like in another decade. Do they have what it takes to steal the PC and OS market away from Microsoft for good? Maybe, they’ve certainly shown some big progress. Still, going from a search company, to an OS/software company so quickly is certain to leave some big growing pains in the process. Android isn’t a bad OS but I’m firm that it won’t be the OS that directly challenges Windows on the PC front. At least they’ve gotten their foot in the door, and even though Android has some serious problems, it is still quite popular. Perhaps in another 4-5 years something new will take its place at Google that can truly challenge Windows. So what can Microsoft do to stop this from happening? First of all, I’m not claiming that I believe Google will take the OS market, just that it is possible. We’ve seen huge growth from the company and it’s certainly branched out to some unexpected places. For Microsoft, getting in good with the tablet market is a big part of this key. If Windows 8 is successful in merging mobile and desktop environments through innovative inputs like touch, voice, and Kinect, then they have a lot less to worry about. If Windows 8 isn’t well received, does it spell doom and gloom for Microsoft? Not at all, but it certainly will push them back and give companies like Google the opportunity to move forward into PC territory. Keep in mind, this piece is entirely speculation based on recent changes, and I’m not claiming I agree with the possibility of Microsoft getting bumped down by someone like Google (or even Apple), I’m just throwing it out there as food for thought. So what do you, as readers, think? If Google does have a chance, is it with Android or would they have totally scrap it in favor of a new OS before you’d consider a Google-based Windows-alternative on your home machines?]]>

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