Could Microsoft be scaling up on Windows 8 displays and scaling down on Windows RT?

Tyler Lee wrote  about a rumor that Microsoft might be working on scaling up on Windows Phone 8 devices up to 7” and scaling down on Windows RT devices to as small as 8.4”. I’m taking this rumor with a grain of salt though. The article says that ZTE is working on a Windows Phone with a 5.9” display that is full HD and I have to agree with Lee that Microsoft hasn’t announced that Windows Phone will go beyond 720P which is why I’m skeptical that of the whole rumor. If this were true it would be interesting though. A 7” Windows Phone device would basically be a tablet and I’ve said for a while that Windows Phone would be a better tablet OS than RT because it would make it easier for consumers to differentiate it against Windows 8 Pro devices. Also an 8.4” RT device would be perfect for an Xbox tablet (although a 7” Xbox phone/tablet would be pretty cool too). What do you think? Is a 7” Windows Phone 8 device something you’d buy? Would you buy an 8.4” RT device?]]>

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