Could Nokia Sell Off Its Mobile Division In 2013?

Here’s a scary thought. Nokia may completely depart from the mobile market this year.

Analysts and market experts have often expressed their views and predictions for Nokia. The Finnish company has had quarters upon quarters of bad numbers, declining sales and inactive innovation. So much so that it first had to forsake its leadership crown, and is now in a struggle for survival.

The company’s misfortunes have run parallel with the ascent of the likes of Samsung and Huawei in the mobile phone market, and even though Nokia has recently shown signs of growth with the recent Windows Phone 8 devices, analysts consider this to be the case of too little, too late.

Other vendors like Samsung and HTC are also riding the Windows Phone 8 wagon, leaving Nokia to fight an uphill battle, one which it could see pulling out of in the near future. Tristan Louis over at Forbes believes this could happen:

“The biggest shocker (and what I suspect will be my most controversial prediction), though, will be the departure of Nokia from the phone business as the company sells its mobile operation and infrastructure divisions to Huawei in order to focus on software and services.

With the company’s bet on Windows 8 having failed in the marketplace, it will see Microsoft and Huawei competing for the mobile device division and will eventually sell its smartphone group to Microsoft and the rest of its telecom interests to Huawei.”

Now there is no doubting the fact that the mobile phone is extremely unforgiving.

A couple of false moves and a company’s fortunes could take a turn for the worst. And Nokia is facing fierce competition from companies like Apple and Samsung in the high end, and ZTE and Huawei in the low spectrum, making it hard for it to regain lost ground.

And unless that happens in the very near future, it could very well force the legendary Finnish communication giant to bid farewell to the mobile market. The bigger a company, the harder it is to stop the bleeding — it happened to Kodak, and it could very well happen to Nokia.

If only we could see into the future. If only.

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