Could Skype Integration In Windows 8.1 Lead To An Antitrust Case For Microsoft?

Another antitrust case in the making? The latest gossip on this front is that the Redmond based software titan could potentially have a bit of a problem on its hand after the release of Windows 8.1.

Microsoft has removed the old Messaging app in its flagship operating system, and a recently leaked build even came with a preinstalled version of Skype, suggesting that the company planned to offer it as the default chat tool.

And yesterday, Microsoft finally officially confirmed in a blog post that Skype will join the other default Metro apps and Windows 8.1 users will be provided with the popular VoIP service from the word go:

“Now you don’t have to download your favorite app to stay in touch whenever you’re apart. With Windows 8.1, simply log in and you’re ready to go. This means not only will you be able to reach over 300 million Skype users across many different devices but also everyone with a Windows 8.1 PC.”

This is, obviously, another step for Redmond and part of its plans to invest more in Skype

But this strategy does not come without possible consequences — as Alex Wilhelm of TechCrunch believes, this move could lead to another antitrust case for Microsoft. Redmond has a rather long and storied history with such legal actions, after all.

The company’s move to bundle Internet Explorer by default in various versions of Windows in the past has, more than once, brought antitrust regulators in the Redmond campus.

And while at this point Skype is the uncrowned king of VoIP services on the market, the fact remains that several other companies (large and small) are trying to provide similar services and products with the aim of challenging Skype’s supremacy.

Here is hoping that Microsoft has this in mind as it tries to go all out with Skype.

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