Could Windows 8 have a Q2 2012 release date?

proclamations about a Windows 8 tablet was interesting. Even more interesting though is the question will Windows 8 be released in Q2 of 2012? Q2 (the period sometime between April and June) is only 6 to 9 months away! This corresponds to some of the rumors that we have seen on the web recently. It also corresponds to what ASUS are saying. On one hand, it might make sense. Microsoft are moving very aggressively with Windows 8 and the Windows 8 Developer Preview was way more advanced than people are used to seeing at that stage of the game. Yes it had some serious bugs but they still felt they had enough there to give 5000 tablets out to developers. If the Beta has very few bugs and the Windows 8 Release Candidate is released by the Mix Conference in April, June might be a realistic date. Even assuming it had a few (inevitable) bugs here and there, it would still be 6 months before the holiday season and Microsoft would have tons of time to work out the kinks. It seems like OEM’s are just chomping at the bit to get Windows 8 and they seem to be indicating that they may have it by this summer. On the other hand, maybe they are all indicating that they will have Windows 8 Tablets in development and ready by June to be shipped for a Q3/Q4 launch. Time will tell. Either way it’s pretty exciting.]]>

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