Could Windows Phone 7.8’s Release Finally Be Imminent?

Here we go again, Windows Phone 7.8. Will Microsoft and its partners just release it already? Windows Phone 8 has been on the market for a little while now, so where’s the bone that was supposed to be thrown for those stuck with last-gen Windows Phone devices?

We’ve been told “early 2013” for a while now, well early 2013 is here. While Microsoft is still being quiet, the signs are everywhere that Windows Phone 7.8 will start rolling out very, very soon. What signs? First, several Nokia Apps are now starting to require 7.8.

That doesn’t exactly tell us when Windows 7.8 is coming, but it shows us that Nokia is certainly lining things up and hopefully preparing for the launch. One of these recent Nokia apps to move to requiring 7.8 includes “Bluetooth Share”.

Could Windows 7.8 finally be on its way in the next week or so? With Microsoft and Nokia both keeping quite, we can’t say for sure, but let’s hope so.

The way that Microsoft has handled the Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8 transition has been more than awful, in my opinion, so its about time they move forward. I understand that Windows Phone 7 devices couldn’t be upgraded to Windows Phone 8 due to major kernel/hardware requirement differences.

What I don’t understand is why Microsoft couldn’t have better supported its early adopters by releasing Windows Phone 7.8 at the same time as Windows Phone 8.

What do you think? Are you still patiently awaiting Windows Phone 7.8 or are you jumping ship to a newer Windows Phone handset— or even Android, Blackberry or iOS? Share your thoughts below.

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