Court Date Set For Windows 8 Live Tiles Case

The live tiles that make up the Windows 8 Start Screen are one of the best (and more important) features of Microsoft’s new operating system. Most people love them, some don’t, but you’ll have to look really hard to find someone that believes that the live tiles looking anything short of great.

Only problem is, they are not Microsoft’s, if we go by a company that claims the patent.

SurfCast had filed a complaint in the US District Court of Maine back in November last year, claiming that Microsoft infringes on one of its patents with Windows 8 products — including the operating system and the Surface tablet.

Even Windows Phone 8 is not spared.

The company claims that Windows 8 live tiles are infringing on its patent for a system of simultaneous display of multiple information sources.


Microsoft, for its part had filed its own patent in 2006 (which was granted in 2011) for a tile space user interface on mobile devices.

Now, according to Neowin, the courts have decided that the first trial of the lawsuit is set to take place on September 3. The two companies are probably working on the case as I write this.

It is not yet clear whether SurfCast is seeking monetary damages, though it did claim that has been and continues to be injured and damaged by Microsoft’s contribution to the infringement of the 403 patent by users and customers.

This one is worth keeping an eye on, folks.

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