Crackdown 3 Delay Spells Trouble

Hope you have room for news about one more delay. After the news of delayed builds and features, we have confirmation that a Windows 10 game has also been delayed to next year.

Granted delays are nothing new in the frantic world of AAA game development, but the Xbox exclusive Crackdown 3 being pushed to the spring of 2018 is more bad news for the platform. Right when it needed it the least.

The game was headed for a November 7 release on both Xbox One and Windows 10 — coinciding with the worldwide arrival of the upcoming Xbox One X console.

But Microsoft Studios publishing manager Shannon Loftis officially confirmed the delay, saying that the game has been pushed back to give more time to developers to polish the game. Reagent Games, Sumo Digital, and Cloudgine are currently working on the title.

“We want to make sure to deliver the right game, with the right quality, and at the right time, Crackdown 3 is a hugely ambitious game and we want to ensure we deliver the right experiences all the way through every part of the game, whether that’s campaign, co-op multiplayer or our competitive multiplayer mode, Wrecking Zone.

Getting the balance right between the three modes is important, and we are going to take the extra development time to ensure that. Gamers can expect Crackdown 3 in Spring of 2018.”

Of course, all this may not seem surprising to those who have been following the gaming trajectory that Microsoft has taken recently.

We have had cancelations and closures left and right, with big names titles like Scalebound biting the dust, and Lionhead Studios shuttered not too long ago. What this does leave the Xbox platform, and by extension Windows 10 Store, is with exactly one AAA exclusive game this fall.

That being, Forza Motorsport 7.

Crackdown 3 received lukewarm reception at E3 2017, and while a delay to early next year is not the end of the world for this game, it does provide another hint at how gaming is slowly unravelling at the company.

Let’s just hope the game is good when it does actually see daylight.

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