Critical Windows Vulnerabilities Affects 800 Million Users


Oh dear! Heavens to bitsy! A couple of critical Windows vulnerabilities have just been discovered. And the scary thing is that they affect all versions of the operating system, including Windows Server.

To make matter worse, these threats are potentially wormable — this to mean that affected computers can spread the virus and malware without any action from the user. If this is not one of the biggest security risks of the year, nothing is.

Simon Pope, the director of Incident Response at Microsoft briefed about this in a blog post:

“It is important that affected systems are patched as quickly as possible because of the elevated risks associated with wormable vulnerabilities like these, and downloads for these can be found in the Microsoft Security Update Guide.”

You can find the Microsoft Security Update Guide right about here.

According to the software titan, an attacker that successfully exploits the vulnerability could execute arbitrary code on the target system. In turn, they will have the power to install programs, delete data, and even create new accounts with full user rights.

All current versions of the OS are affected, Windows 10 and below.

Save for Windows XP, which is not at risk.

This means that more than 800 million devices that run Windows 10 are a target. Unless they have enabled automatic updates, in which case they can be safe after deploying the latest updates. If you do manual updates, then now is the time to check for and install them, if you have not done so yet.


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