Current TechNet Subscribers Get A Free 90 Day Extension

Microsoft announced earlier in the summer that it would stop accepting new subscriptions for TechNet. And as scheduled, the technology titan stopped doing so on August 31.

But despite calls from IT professionals to keep the program going, Redmond plans to shut down the service altogether when all existing contracts expire.

Nevertheless, one positive little result of the community feedback the technology titan received in the last few months asking the company to keep TechNet alive is that Microsoft has decided to extend all subscriptions by 90 days. Not much, but hey, it’s free.

Microsoft explained this new change, saying:

“One of the most common pieces of feedback we heard from subscribers since we announced the retirement of the TechNet Subscriptions service is that IT professionals need more time to prepare for this change.

As a result, eligible subscribers with active accounts as of September 1, 2013 will receive a free, one-time, 90-day subscription extension to access their product downloads, use their professional support calls, and get priority support in TechNet Forums.”

Redmond further details that this change of heart is not because the company is pressurized because users want the TechNet service to survive. Instead it is because it is aware that professionals need more time to prepare for this change — and this extension is a way to ensure that.

ZDNet is further reporting that members of the Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) program that received a free TechNet subscription are also eligible for this 90 days extension offer.

Additionally, Microsoft will also make available previous versions of its software products for trial on the TechNet Evaluation Center website. Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 are currently available, and more are set for arrival soon.

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