Customer Service at its Finest: Nokia CEO helps customer get his Lumia 920 order fixed

I decided to send an email to Stephen Elop about it, and I was completely surprised when Mr. Elop replied to me. He said that he would have his team look into the matter, and also copied Mr. Rothschild on the email. So the response was that Elop would have his team, including their marketing department head Matt Rothschild, look into the matter. Then, Best Buy canceled once more. The customer sent another email to Nokia, this time he received a call from Rothschild letting the customer know the phone would be there within the week. The package sent weighs around nine pounds, which more then likely is the device, the charging station and perhaps even a few extra goodies for his trouble. Regardless, when a company goes to bat for you and makes sure you order is sent, that’s just good business. Not only does it make your company look good, it makes customers like this fellow who had a Best Buy problem turn into life-long buyers. Have you dealt with Nokia for customer service in the past? Has your experience been outstanding as well, or was it the polar opposite? [ source ]]]>

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