Customizing Windows 10 Is A Copyright Violation, Microsoft Says


Who knew? Customizing Windows 10 is pretty much the first thing that many users do after installing the operating system. Customizing it, disabling some of the features, and uninstalling a few components.

But apparently, according to the software titan, this is actually a violation of its copyright.

And no one knows this better than the developer of Ninjutsu OS.

As weird as this sounds, Microsoft took down the links to this project, which was hosted on GitHub. It was hit with a DMCA complaint sent by the Business Software Alliance (BSA) on behalf of Microsoft, with some rather interesting reasons listed.

The links for the Ninjutsu operating system were deleted because, according to the company, it came with features that allow users to customize Windows 10 with powerful tweaks and optimize. The OS also disabled many of the annoying features built into Windows.

This project also made it possible to protect the privacy of users by tweaking Windows 10 and customizing its various components. It also removed and disabled many Windows programs and services. And alongside that, it facilitated the removal of unwanted components.

So, what’s new?

Ninjutsu OS

In case this is the first time you are hearing about the Ninjutsu Project, it is a customizable version of Windows 10 that came equipped with a very rich arsenal of security apps that are supposed to help researchers and experts perform a range of tests and security audits.

It was based on Windows 10, but despite this fact, it still required a license for Microsoft’s OS.

Interestingly enough, the customization and privacy feature in Ninjutsu were actually powered by third-party programs like O&O ShutUp10, which is still available for download from the official site.

Copyright can be such a wild beast sometimes!

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