Days of Windows 8 numbered, Windows 8.1 is where the party is

perfect sort of a world, we would still be discussing Windows 8. And while Windows 8.1 is just a minor version increase of Microsoft’s modern OS, it is now fast becoming the exclusive focus. Which is another way of saying that Windows 8 is slowly getting left behind. AMD actually become the first major company to pull off a move like this, when it just recently dropped support for Windows 8 in its Catalyst drivers. Catalyst 14.6 Beta do not work on Windows 8, and you need a PC running either Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 or Windows 8.1 Update. Sure, this is the case with some apps too, on the Windows Store, as they clearly mention sole support for Windows 8.1 and above, leaving users no choice but to install the free update. Which is, one might assume, exactly what Microsoft wants. And although retail sales of Windows 8 are set to continue until at least October 31 this year, there may yet come a time when the software titan makes it mandatory for everyone to install Windows 8.1. Easier said than done, considering the deployment via the Windows Store. But this really is where things are moving towards — the time for Windows 8 vanilla is slowly coming to an end. No one likes to see fragmentation at this scale. Surely not software companies. The headaches.]]>

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