Deal Alert: Windows PC Backup + DVD/Blu-Ray Software

For those of you still in need of a solid PC Backup system then this is one deal that you may want to take a hard look at.

Over the past few days I have been taking a look at some PC backup services. I ran across one called MyPCBackup and I am impressed with how easy this is to use.

It literally takes 3 minutes to signup, install their sync client, and backup all your files and folders to the cloud.

I believe that everyone should have at least one account for backing up your most critical files you don’t want lost. For those that want to backup everything and have it done automatically they offer an Unlimited account for like $4 a month.

/>Bonus Alert: Plus the guys at are throwing in their FilePop HD Platinum software that is a perfect DVD/Blu-Ray and video multimedia suite for all your physical media and digital converting needs. But this offer is limited to new subscribers of MyPCBackup through this link only.

 This is a great offer, not only are you going to be backing up all your important data to the cloud, but with this bonus you can now have a sweet tool for all your HD Video/DVD/Blu-Ray needs.
To claim this bonus:
  1. Sign up for MyPCBackup
  2. Pick a plan (free accounts do not apply to this bonus)
  3. Send an email with your acct or receipt# to to claim the free copy of FilePop HD Platinum
  4. Enjoy your new 100% automated backup plan from MyPCBackup and your free copy of FilePop HD Platinum.

Let us know what you think of this deal in the comments below. We are working hard on bringing you the best tech deals and would like to tailor it for what you are looking for.

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