Defraggler 2.16 Brings Full Support For Windows 8.1, Now Optimizes SSDs

With the advent of faster, more powerful hardware and the arrival of solid state drives, hard disk defragmentation is not something that is always on the minds of people, at least compared to how much important it was in the years past.

Still, the process has its benefits, and offers notable speed improvements for regular and power users alike. And when it comes to hard disk defragmentation, few applications can match up to the popular freeware solution Defraggler.

Piriform, the developer of the program has just launched an update for the program that now brings it to version number 2.16, adding full Windows 8.1 compatibility along with SSD optimization.

Solid state drives can now be optimized under Windows 8. Also new is support for Samsung and JMicron SSD TRIM optimization, as well as improved SSD detection accuracy.

Additionally, the Health tab now includes more SMART data.

The latest version also touches upon and enhances the search process of finding smaller files. This could potentially result in a less than optimum defragmentation process. But thatโ€™s taken care of now.

And finally, some small changes are also on the menu, including translations, a bug fix or two, and a few GUI improvements โ€” all making this one of the finest and more powerful defragmentation solutions available, particularly for end users.

You can take a look at this handy little application the link above, or download it here.

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