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Dell Believes That Windows 8 Still Needs Time To Impress

Since its release in October 2012, Windows 8 has steadily increased its adoption. Latest numbers put Microsoft’s newest operating system as powering 5.10 percent of computers worldwide.

But while the overall market share of Microsoft’s newest OS remains low, Dell believes that the operating system has what it takes to climb the charts — particularly in the tablet market.

As Sam Burd, the company’s vice president of personal computing in an interview with The Guardian, explained:

“Businesses are slow to adopt a new operating system. But tablets really need Windows 8 to sell well. Still, it is encouraging to see some businesses deploying Windows 8 and tablets. It’s going to take some time, and the jury is still out.

IDC’s numbers says that Windows 8 on tablets is still far smaller than the iPad, but there are successes. Maybe in a few years when we get to Windows 8 tablets being a third or 40% of tablet volume we can feel it’s happening. Tablets are definitely an important piece of the computing business.”

So then, how things are shaping up, it appears that the tablet market will soon hit an explosion and record increased sales in the enterprise sector. And curious as it sounds, businesses and offices are areas where Windows powered tablets will feel right at home.

Along with developing its second generation Surface tablets, Microsoft is said to be working closely with tablet makers to bring a new wave of Windows powered devices to market this year

Windows 8.1 (codename Windows Blue) is said to be designed to offer increased compatibility with this new wave of devices, including tablets with smaller screen sizes and varying form factors.

Written by Hamid Khan

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