Dell Confident Of Windows 8.1 Success

Hardware makers have had a mixed result overall with Microsoft’s newest platform. Some were obviously expecting the new OS to act as a catalyst for the faltering PC market.

Others had a more realistic outlook with regards to sale, with Dell being one such company.

The PC manufacturer finally shared its thoughts on the business side of things recently, saying that it has high expectations from Windows 8.1, the upcoming refresh that is currently being developed at Microsoft, to set things on the right track.

Brian Gladden, the chief financial officer at Dell said during the company’s earnings conference call:

“We are encouraged by what is going to play out with new chipsets and some of the work that is going on within the Windows ecosystem to hopefully over the next few months create some catalysts.”

Apparently, Dell has liked what it has been of Windows 8.1 up till now, and the company expects the newest version of Windows to solve many of the problems reported in Windows 8.

From how things are shaping up, it seems that Windows 8.1 is set to bring a number of exciting changes to Windows 8. The most important of these include plenty of Start Screen customization options, along with support for more affordable hardware devices.

With the close relationship Dell enjoys with Microsoft, it is widely expected that the hardware maker will bring to market a number of interesting hardware devices at various price points, around the time Windows 8.1 makes its debut.

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