Dell: Consumers Need Time To Get Used To Windows 8 he said that Windows 8 was generating latent interest, but consumers are taking their time to get used to the new OS:

“It’s a huge thing and a lot of product launches related to it or extended from it, are coming out at great speed. Specially in the mid market, I hear a lot of software as well as hardware change being caused by it. The effect, however, would be more pronounced as some time passes. It is an infinite shift and is striking the right chords but people will take time to get familiar as should be expected in any adoption cycle. There is a lot of latent interest that this launch is triggering though”.
Of course, divided opinion isn’t helping thing, with some reviewers launching scathing attacks on Windows 8, labelling it as a confusing operating system. Businesses in particular have showed a very lukewarm interest in the new OS, helped in no small parts by the radical change in the GUI, as well as the case of the missing Start Menu. Microsoft, for its part, seems intent on continuing with the Start Screen. The end result? Most people (and companies) are contend on playing the waiting game.]]>

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