Dell Is Preparing Its Own Surface Phone?

June 1, 2018

It’s a Dell. Dell, of all companies, is diving headfirst into the new form factor that Microsoft is said to be pursuing, with rumors that the company is working on its own implementation of the Surface Phone.

Or, what is usually referred to as, the Andromeda device.

And this is interesting, because Dell seems to have taken a very cautious approach to hardware lately, more so after the firm went private. Which is to say that the company rarely experiments with new creations, unlike other companies like HP.

The former tried its hand with the Elite x3 smartphone and was also one of the first out the gates with the new Windows 10 ARM hardware.

Anyway, this brings us to Dell, which appears to be the first big name interested in this new project from Microsoft. A new type of device with a pioneering form factor, running the upcoming Snapdragon 850 processor from Qualcomm.

It is reported that the device, codenamed Januss, would be running Windows 10 ARM, and offer LTE support, USB Type-C ports, cameras, an accelerate and a gyroscope, all housed in a new form factor based on a hinge and two different displays.

Dell already has a prototype working, which it began work on in the summer of 2017. Some new improvements were implemented earlier this year, signaling that the device is still alive.

Now, whether the company gets around launching it is another matter.

Regardless, there are a lot of unknown details at this point, despite the project being in a fairly advanced stage. If the company does bring it to market, chances are that the launch would take place shortly after Microsoft gets around to unveiling its own new mobile device.

How well it is received is another story, but if Dell is in, then there may well be a chance that this is a device that has potential.

Interesting times, straight ahead!

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