Dell Might Renegotiate Its Windows Licensing Deal After Going Private

Microsoft is ready to spend $2 billion to support the Dell buyout and help the PC manufacturer go private, but it appears that the hardware maker may benefit even more from Redmond’s involvement.

As ArsTechnica notes, the documents of the deal are now public, and they reveal some interesting details of the terms that may support Dell in its recovery process.

The most interesting bit is that Microsoft and Dell might renegotiate their Windows licensing in the near future. Even though no details are available at the time being, there is a fair chance that Dell may get some discounts and better prices for each Windows license it bundles with its computers.

Here is what the document mentions:

“From and after the date hereof, each of the parties hereto agree to negotiate in good faith and enter into, as soon as reasonably practicable after the date hereof and, in any event, prior to the Closing, one or more agreements between the parties and/or their Subsidiaries, in order to modify, alter or amend, effective as of the Closing, the standard terms for payment under the existing commercial agreements between the Purchaser and/or its Subsidiaries, on the one hand, and Dell and/or its Subsidiaries, on the other hand, including the master OEM relationship agreements.”

In short, there is a chance that Microsoft may favor Dell in its effort to help the company bring more Windows 8 devices to store shelves. The lack of Windows devices has often been cited as one of the major reasons for the slow adoption of the software titan’s newest operating system.

Both companies are yet to officially comment on this, but it stands to reason that such a renegotiation could have an effect on other PC manufacturers on the market.

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